Top 10 list of Indian Sportswomen all time

The situation isn’t always easy for female athletes from India. They witness every day that men who do similar activities get praised and paid more. What men are asked about is their future in sports and, for them, about weddings. Check the Top 10 list of Indian Sportswomen of all time.

Why people are more concerned about their clothing than their athletic prowess? This doesn’t mean they have lost their enthusiasm and for that, they are deserving of the most acclaim. Here’s a women’s list of Indian athletes that could be the greatest game changers we’ll ever meet.

Top 10 list of Indian Sportswomen all time

But some of them have been able to achieve remarkable growth as female athletes or sports icons. Indian female athletes are outstanding in their game, and they also hold the world ranking. Sport is a vital part of the physical fitness of any human being.

May Tournament was where her rise-to-the-fame match was. Many Indian Sportswomen have a great record as the ‘top player’ as well as the ‘youngest player of the tournament. Many Indian Sportswomen’s youngest player play for the national team in their respective games. Here is the Top 10 list of Indian Sportswomen of all time.

10. Deepika Pallikal (Squash)

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Deepika is India’s most renowned squash player. She is the very first Indian to make it into the top 10 of the PSA’s Women’s rankings. The first time she was noticed was in 2011. When she took home the three WISPA (Women’s International Squash Players Association) tour titles. She also racked up an all-time high ranking of 13th.

9. Mary Kom (Boxing)

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The term “female boxer” isn’t well-liked in the United States, which isn’t sure about women working. Mary did her best to break stereotypes, which resulted in results that are out for all to behold. Boxing in India is a tough enough task to be one who is female. Mary was faced with many challenges as an aspiring professional boxer.

But she was able to overcome every one of them. “Magnificent Mary is an eight-time World Amateur Boxing champion. And the only female boxer who has won an award in each of the six championships in the world. She is the Padma Bhushan winner is the first Indian woman boxer to earn an Olympic gold medal at the Asian Games in 2014 in Incheon.

8. Sania Mirza (Tennis)

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From becoming a professional at 16 to holding the highest ranking in doubles over 91 consecutive weeks. Sania changed the scene for Indian tennis. Sania Mirza was ranked number one in the world for 91 straight weeks in the women’s doubles competition.

It’s a long time and, thus, it’s no surprise that she’s now one of the top athletes in the nation. Sania became a professional at the age of 16 and, after that, there was no turning to go back. Sania has been the only sole female tennis athlete from India. To have won 6 major championships (three at each level in ladies’ doubles and mixed doubles).

7. Dipa Karmakar (Gymnastics)

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Despite having flat feet, Dipa did not give up on her dream to become a gymnast. Dipa became a cult celebrity for the right reasons following her success in the Summer Olympics, in 2016. In which she missed out on an Olympic bronze by a hair.

Being from a poor background her Tripura woman was blessed with an elongated foot. She was able to overcome physical and financial challenges for her. To be able to make India proud throughout the world.

6. Tania Sachdev (Chess)

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Most people don’t know that Tania is India’s most well-known woman in the world of chess. She holds a variety of titles to her credit. Tania is the biggest and most famous Indian-known name in the world in women’s chess.

She holds two titles: International Master and Woman Grandmaster to her name. She began playing chess at the age of 6. And she currently works as a chess commentator and chess presenter, also playing.

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5. Mithali Raj (Cricket)

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The captain of the Indian Cricket team Mithali holds the title of the top scorer for international women’s cricket. She is also one of only two female players who have surpassed the mark of 6,000 runs in ODIs. Mithali is alone as the sole Indian cricket captain. Whether male or female – who has led India toward winning the World Cup final twice?

4. Saina Nehwal (Badminton)

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The First Indian badminton athlete to win the Olympic award. Saina Nehwal is large to be blamed for creating the sport’s popularity in India. She is the first woman and the only Indian shuttler. Who is ranked as the top player in the world? She has been awarded the Arjuna Prize, Padma Shri, and Padma Bhushan for her accomplishments.

3. Geeta Phogat (Wrestling)

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The freestyle grappler Geeta Phogat became famous. After she was awarded the gold medal in wrestling in the Commonwealth Games (2010). Something that had never been before done by any wrestler, female or male. She has also become the only Indian female wrestler. Who has been selected to compete at the Summer Olympics (2012), in which she missed out on the bronze medal?

 2. Sakshi Malik (Wrestling)

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Sakshi’s bronze medal in wrestling brought India’s medal drought to an end. The Rio Olympics in 2016 immediately transformed her into an inspiration for millions of Indians. It was a tough year for India. Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro was quite a nightmare for the Indian contingent.

The Indian contingent only took home two medals. Silver? Both of them were made by women and Sakshi was among the winners. In this way, her name was the only Indian female wrestler who won an Olympic medal in the Olympics. As a member of a family that included wrestlers. Sakshi began her journey into this sport when she was at the age of 12 years old.

1.  PV Sindhu (Badminton)

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PV Sindhu was just 21. When she became the first and only Indian to be awarded the gold medal in Badminton at the Olympics. The current world’s number 3 PV Sindhu is the very first female from India to earn an Olympic silver medal at the Summer Olympics.

It is also noteworthy that she accomplished this feat at just 21 makes it more impressive. Because she’s the youngest person from the country to earn an appearance on the podium in an individual competition.

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