Top 10 Hottest Female Tennis Players In The World All Time

Tennis is a very popular sport across the country, where people defeat their opponents by playing and showcasing their amazing talent and moves. Every sport is loved by the nation and their dedication to it is priceless. Not only are men passionate about sports but also women. Hence, today we have a lot of women playing sports and making their country proud. Check out the Top 10 Hottest Female Tennis Players in the World All Time.

We all are aware of this amazing quote “Beauty with brains” right? Our female tennis players are one of them, they are hot and bold with their amazing talent. Let’s see more about these young and beautiful women and some interesting facts about them. Also Check Here: Top 10 Hottest WWE Female Superstars In The World All Time.

Top 10 Hottest Female Tennis Players In The World All Time

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10. Gisela Dulko

Gisela Dulko belongs to Argentina, Throughout her career, Dulko earned just about $4 million in prize money, and in 2010 she ranked first in the world for doubles.

She retired in 2012, and while her presence on the court will be greatly missed, she does leave a legacy in the form of numerous photographs demonstrating how valuable she was to the sport.

  1. Full Name: Gisela Dulko
  2. Birth Date: 30th Jan 1985
  3. Born Place: Tigre, Argentina
  4. Retired: 18th Nov 2012

9. Victoria Azarenka

Even though Victoria Azarenka has only won two Grand Slam championships, she has about $25 million in prize money. Although she reached the US Open finals and won the Australian Open in 2012 and 2013, her ability to play doubles and mixed doubles has given her game more impact.

On and off the court, she also happens to be pretty attractive, appearing stunning with her sincere smile and long blonde hair. She has undoubtedly established herself as one of women’s sport’s most attractive stars.

  1. Full Name: Victoria Fyodarauna Azarenka
  2. Birth Date: 31st July 1989
  3. Born Place: Florida, United States
  4. Retirement: Present as Coach

8. Tatiana Golovin

Tatiana Golovin, a professional tennis player representing France, was born in Russia. Golovin won the mixed doubles French Open in 2004 and was rated No. 12 in the world for women’s singles players in 2008. Although she has nearly $2 million in career wins, her reputation off of the court is arguably greater.

  1. Full Name: Tatiana Golovin
  2. Birth Date: 25th Jan 1988
  3. Born Place: Moscow, Soviet Union
  4. Retirement: 2008

7. Caroline Wozniacki

She is the first woman from Scandinavia to occupy the top spot in the rankings and probably one of the first people to ever be included on a list of this nature. Although she has never claimed a Grand Slam victory, she twice reached the US Open finals (2009, 2014). Since she began her career in 2005, Wozniacki has amassed approximately $20 million in prize money, making her a rather successful player.

  1. Full Name: Caroline Wozniacki
  2. Birth Date: 11th July 1990
  3. Born Place: Odense, Denmark
  4. Retirement: 24th Jan 2020

6. Eugenie Bouchard

Canada’s most recent and promising contribution to the women’s game is Eugenie Bouchard. She was a finalist at Wimbledon in 2014, becoming the first Canadian woman to compete in a Grand Slam final. In the same year, Bouchard also advanced to the semifinals of the French Open and Australian Open (2014). She only started playing professionally in 2009, when she was just 21 years old. She still has plenty of time to add to her $4.18 million in earnings and her 2014 rating as the top female tennis player in the world.

  1. Full Name: Eugenie Bouchard
  2. Birth Date: 25th Feb 1994
  3. Born Place: Nassau, Bahamas
  4. Retirement: Not Yet

5. Gabriela Sabatini

The most well-known female tennis player to ever originate from South America is perhaps Gabriela Sabatini. The stunning Argentinean won the US Open in singles competition in 1990 and the Wimbledon doubles championship in 1988. Sabatini has been seen on camera numerous times, including appearances in periodicals like Maxim in 2001 and others. She was undoubtedly one of the sport’s most beautiful players in history and one of the sexiest athletes of the 1980s and 1990s.

  1. Full Name: Gabriela Beatriz Sabatini
  2. Birth Date: 16th May 1970
  3. Born Place: Buenos Aires
  4. Retirement: 1996

4. Maria Sharapova

The most successful Russian player to enter the women’s game is Maria Sharapova. She was the top-ranked player in the world in 2005 and has won five Grand Slam titles. In addition to her talent, Sharapova possesses a natural beauty that has frequently been photographed. She is the most well-known athlete from the Eastern European invasion and maybe the sexiest female athlete to ever achieve great success.

  1. Full Name: Maria Yuryevna Sharapova
  2. Birth Date: 19th April 1987
  3. Born Place: Soviet Union
  4. Retirement: 26th Feb 2020

3. Ana Ivanovic

Tennis player Ana Ivanovic is a stunning model from Serbia. With 15 WTA titles under her belt, including a Grand Slam victory at the 2008 French Open, she was the world’s top-ranked player in 2008. Ivanovic went professional in 2003 and has remained a mainstay in women’s tennis ever since. To this point in her career, she has won about $14 million in prize money.

  1. Full Name: Ana Schweinsteiger
  2. Birth Date: 6th Nov 1987
  3. Born Place: SFR, Yugoslavia
  4. Retirement: 28th Dec 2016.

2. Maria Kirilenko

Another stunning woman from the old Eastern Bloc, Maria Kirilenko, became a professional in 2001. She has achieved some level of success, placing 10th in the world for women’s singles in 2013. She hasn’t exactly been a great player, but she has won close to $7 million in her career.

  1. Full Name: Maria Yuryevna Kirilenko
  2. Birth Date: 25 January 1987
  3. Born Place: Soviet Union
  4. Retirement: Not Yet

1. Anna Kournikova

Top 10 Hottest Female Tennis Players In The World

To the satisfaction of many largely male admirers, numerous stunning ladies have arrived from the former Eastern Bloc countries, but Anna Kournikova is responsible for all the attention that they have been able to garner.

  1. Full Name: Maria Yuryevna Kirilenko
  2. Birth Date: 25th Jan 1987
  3. Born Place: Russian, Soviet Union
  4. Retirement: – Not Yet

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