Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time

The biggest female boxing stars have been seen putting everything they had into the fight. There have been plenty of dominant athletes in women’s boxing, including many champions, record-setters, and history-makers. Women’s boxing is gaining popularity as more people than ever are paying attention to female athletes. Check the Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time.

Women have, nevertheless, demonstrated strength and adaptability in the sport over the years. Elizabeth Wilkinson, the first female boxer in history, created a legacy and a platform for later female boxers. She competed during a time when brutality, rage, retaliation, and agitation were commonplace in the sport and strangely biased against men.

Today’s female boxers have embraced the sport and immortalized their names through a variety of amazing achievements and successes. Also Check Here: Top 10 Hottest WWE Female Superstars In The World All Time.

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time

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10. Mia St. John

Her nickname is “The Knockout.” But do you understand why? Mia St. John, who beat her opponent Angelica Villain in the first round in just 54 seconds, has earned the moniker. That is how you make your debut in the workforce! She was a former lightweight IFBA and IBA champion as well as a previous super welterweight WBC champion. She appeared on the cover and 11 interior pages of Playboy magazine in November 1999 to demonstrate to the world that she had a “feminine” side despite being a fig sports star. She is now much more deserving of the moniker “Knockout,” in my opinion.

9. Natascha Ragosina

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time
Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time

Throughout her whole professional career, this fighter never experienced defeat. She competed in 22 fights, winning all of them, 13 of them by knockout. She was formerly the best female super middleweight boxer in the world and is regarded as having held the WBA and WBC titles for the longest time. Natascha’s final contest, in which she competed for the female heavyweight crown, proved to be a little difficult for her. Pamela London’s opponent, Ragosina, weighed 65 pounds less than London.

However, she was able to take down the latter during the eighth round and won by knockout because of her exceptional speed and reach. With the victory, Ragosina added the WBF and WIBF heavyweight titles to her collection, bringing her perfect championship record to 16-0.

8. Giselle Salandy

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time

The greatest female light middleweight boxer of all time, according to BoxRec, is Giselle Salandy. At the age of 13, this Trinidad and Tobago boxing lioness made her professional debut. She defeated Paola Rojas for the WIBA IBERO title in 2001, becoming the youngest boxer in history to do so at the age of 14.

She won six title belts in one fight on March 29, 2008, making history as the first boxer to do so. Sadly, Salandy was involved in a car accident in 2009 and eventually passed away from injuries she received as a result of the unfortunate incident. She received the highest honor bestowed upon a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago—the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago—posthumously in August 2009.

7. Holly Holm

This woman goes above and above. She won the women’s welterweight class of the International Kickboxing Federation US National Amateur Tournament while competing in kickboxing as an amateur.

At UFC 193, she defeated the previously unbeaten and unchallenged Ronda Rousey to win the women’s bantamweight championship, catapulting her to MMA fame. She also competed for the first UFC women’s featherweight title, but Germaine De Randamie defeated her at UFC 208.

6. Christy Martin

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time

Christy Martin is a trailblazer and innovator in the female boxing scene. Martin, who was given the moniker “Coal Miner’s Daughter” by promoter Don King in honor of her father’s line of work, was hailed as the “Most Successful and Famous Female Boxer in the U. S.”

5. Ann Wolfe

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time

Many people believe Ann to be the best fighter and hardest puncher in the history of female boxing. She and the great Henry Armstrong both held three world titles in three separate weight divisions simultaneously as of the time she won the IBA world light heavyweight title in 2004.

4. Regina Halmich

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time

The woman who contributed to the growth of female boxing in Europe is ranked number four. She was ranked as the second-best female boxer of all time by The Ring Magazine in 2016 and is regarded as one of the most accomplished female boxers in history by many sports writers. In Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1994, she competed in and prevailed in her professional debut match against Fienee Klee. She faced Israeli Hagar Finer in her final match, which took place in 2007. She prevailed by unanimous vote in the contest. Regina won one of her 56 contests, 16 of which were knockout victories.

3. Laila Ali

Laila is a superstar without even trying. Why not? She is the 8th of nine children of the greatest boxer that has ever lived, Muhammad Ali. But, this girl does not solely rely on her father’s name as she carved out her legacy as one of the best female boxers of all time. She retired unbeaten and held the IWBF light heavyweight title in addition to the IBA, IWBF, WIBA, and WBC super middleweight titles.

2. Cecilia Braekhus

Since 2014, this former kickboxer from Norway has been the undisputed women’s welterweight champion. Cecilia Braekhus is the first female boxer in any weight class to hold the WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO belts simultaneously after being undefeated in 31 fights.

1. Lucia Rijker

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time

Lucia Rijker, dubbed “The Most Dangerous Woman in the World,” was a kickboxing champion before making the switch to boxing. She has a stellar 36 wins and 0 losses record in kickboxing, with 25 of her victories coming through knockout.

She took another break from boxing in 2006, declaring that she would only consider returning if Laila Ali agreed to challenge her. Rijker formerly held the WIBF and WIBO world titles at super lightweight and junior welterweight, respectively.

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