Hima Das Track and field Record, Medals, biography and more

Dhing Express, does the name sound familiar to you? It must be familiar. Everyone in India knows this female athlete. And if you don’t know yet then please read this article of mine to know her better. Hima Das is an athlete who hails from a remote village in Assam. Check Hima Das Track and field Record, Medals, and biography.

Born in a small farming family, this girl’s story is filled with poverty and hardship. If Hima did not have willpower, then probably she could not have become an athlete. Because in a country like ours in India where having five siblings from a very poor family, athletes are a luxury to dream of. But Hima Das has given the power to fulfill that luxury as a dream.


Hima Das Track and field Record
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Hima had a keen interest in sports since childhood. Being born in a home where the poor were not left behind was a luxury for Hima who dreamed of playing sports. But where there is no food for two days in the stomach, but the stubbornness is indomitable, success must also come.

This gem of India was born on January 9, 2000. As she grew older, her interest in the game grew day by day. Hima used to play football with local children in the early days. She later agreed to be taken on a professional court by a coach. As Hima did not have a professional running truck, she practiced running on a muddy football field.

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However, she then participated in the women’s relay. It was her first step toward creating success. Gradually she performed well in everything from Asian Games to Commonwealth Games. The biggest achievement of her life came in 2018 when she was awarded the Arjuna Award by the President.

Record & Medals:

Asian Games

  • Gold medal – first place in 2018 Jakarta Women’s 4×400 m
  • Gold medal – first place 2018 Jakarta Mixed 4×400 m
  • Silver medal – second place 2018 Jakarta 400 m

World U20 Championships

  • Gold medal – first place in 2018 Tampere 400 m

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