PS5 System Update Out Now: A new update for PlayStation 5 consoles has gone live

If you have ps5 then this article is going to be very important for you. The reason for that is that a new system software update of PS5 has arrived in the market. That’s why if you are a ps5 fan and a serious hardcore ps5 player then you must know what this update has in store for you. If you don’t know, you have to take the guarantee that you can fall behind. Check PS5 System Update Out Now: A new update for PlayStation 5 consoles has gone live.

However, recently play station informed all our fans about the ps5 system software update. Before I say it all, let me say that if you’re sitting there with high hopes of getting a lot out of this update, you might be a little disappointed. At least that’s what I think, you’ll understand the rest after you watch it.

PS5 System Update:

PS5 System Update Out Now
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According to Playstation’s blog, the update includes several highly requested features such as 1440p HDMI output and a list of games. You also get the ability to request share screens from fellow team members. Not only that, there are social features like easily viewing new friends’ profiles and getting a notification to help.

Additionally, there is an option where you can join a friend’s game more quickly from the party chart. In addition to all this, you can now compare 3D audio and story audio on the same screen. That’s not all, here are some cool features on how to access progress events more easily from within the game app.

I understand that your blood pressure is rising as your excitement is rising after hearing so much. These are the small features that I have told you about. Now let’s go further and explain to you what software update features PS5 is giving us.

One of the new features you’ll be getting with the ps5 system software update is YouTube search via voice commands. With this feature, you can search for YouTube content from anywhere on ps5 with voice commands. And then you will be shown the results according to the relevant search.

Just like to search for something on google you have to give the voice command ok google so to search for something on PlayStation you have to give the voice command hey PlayStation find then your keyword. Anyway, I say this voice command is not yet available for all country players only u.s and in the u.k.

2. Screen Share:

Previously you had a lot of difficulties sharing screens to play outside of PS. But currently, those of you who are using PS can easily screen share one party member to another. And then can show game videos to their friends from the app.

3. Ps App Features:

As a result of the new update of ps5, you will get many new features for the ps app. Those using iOS and Android devices will be able to launch a PS Remote Play session directly from the PS app. But for that, you need to make sure that the PS app is linked to the PS5 console.

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