Apex Legends Mobile 2022 Stage Break event Dates, Rewards list, Missions

Apex Legends Mobile season 3 is finally here. And here are many new and many surprises for you. Prepare yourself for battle with Apex Mobile’s biggest update yet. Although it may sound surprising, this is actually such a big update that you may never have received for your Apex mobile before. Check Apex Legends Mobile 2022 Stage Break event Dates.

Although in this update we have new legends joining Apex Games, new events, core system changes, legendaries, weapon balance, and much more. It is definitely understood that this Apex Mobile game will not be easy for anyone. However here I say that all the players who update the latest page early will get seasonal currency and an extra syndicate pack. Also Check Here: Alan Wake 2 Release Date, System Requirements, Gameplay, Steam, And Teaser.

Apex Legends Mobile 2022 Stage Break Event Dates:

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Here I inform you for your convenience that this event will start on 18th October at 5 pm PT/ 8 pm ET. Where you can claim the benefits replaced by the Champions Battle Pass before the aftershow battle side expires. There are so many things in this event that are bound to win your heart.

So join this stage break event without delay and unlock all the rewards and secrets you want.


Apex Legends Mobile 2022 Stage Break event Dates
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Here I tell you that the stage in this event is completely destroyed and something tells us that bitter roadie is not behind such destruction. Well, you have to track down the culprit and earn some nice loot along the way. At the same time, players must repair Rhapsody’s devices one by one.

A clue will be revealed as I repair each piece of equipment. And uncovering that clue comes with a new reward. Anyway, let’s tell you what the missions are in this event. Basically, you will get four daily missions here, which are-

  • First of all, you have to complete two matches of kings canyon through which you will get 5 stage points.
  • You then deal 600 damage in any mode while playing as Bloodhound Pathfinder, earning 5 stage points for doing so.
  • There are also two Battle Royale matches, finishing in the top three as Rhapsody or Wraith will earn you 5 stage points.
  • If you can knock out a total of 12 enemies in any mode, you get another 5 stage points.
  • After repairing the stage, if you fix a part of the stage, you will get enough stage points. Again if you select and repair that part the clue will be unlocked for you. You get a reward for reading this clue and a preview of the reward for the next clue.

Reward List:

The rewards are-

  • 3 Syndicate Pack PCs
  • Absurdity is extreme in decorative blood
  • User avatar frame
  • R-301 Weapon Skin

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