Lionel Messi 10 Interesting Facts you need to know here

It would be wrong to say that no one likes this famous Argentinian footballer in the whole world. He is as famous as a footballer as he is famous for his character and personality. Lionel Messi, born on June 24, 1987, this man is on the list of famous footballers in the world today. Check Lionel Messi 10 Interesting Facts.

His name is associated with the world’s most famous and top-ranked footballers today. But as a fan, you might want to know a lot about your favourite football star. As humans, it is considered our common curiosity. But as much as you know, is that all you know about your star? Maybe yes, maybe no!

Lionel Messi 10 Interesting Facts you need to know here

Lionel Messi 10 Interesting Facts
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This is exactly why I came up with this article today. We all know Leonardo Messi is the captain of the Argentina national team and a forward. Similarly, he has won a total of seven Ballon d’Or awards and won the European Golden Shoe. All these things are common facts for us or you can say common knowledge.

Messi is a football star whom we all love more or less. Generally, we want to keep all kinds of news about him. But in keeping with these things, there are some interesting facts that you may never know or have the opportunity to know. So let’s know some interesting facts about your favourite star in this article of mine today.

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5 Interesting Facts:

  • You might be surprised to hear this for sure. Usually, when we sign someone’s contract paper it is a piece of paper. But when Messi first signed his contract with Barcelona, ​​the details of his contract were on paper napkins.
  • As a child, Messi was not very healthy like other children. He suffered from severe malnutrition resulting in a growth hormone deficiency. Unfortunately, at age 11 his normal growth rate stopped. It can be said that he lacked everything that a football player should have in his body.
  • Hearing the name Messi and Antonella is sure to appeal to you. There are many people who, after reaching the peak of fame, do not remember their childhood sweethearts. Messi and Antonella met each other when they were children. Believe it or not, Messi-Antonella got into a relationship at the age of nine. Antonela was still with Messi when he was not so famous. Messi’s girlfriend stood by him when he had hormonal problems. Under no circumstances did Antonella leave Messi. So when Messi became such a big football star, how could he forget his beloved person? They are now a very happy married couple.
  • He made his league debut for Red Espanyol at the age of 17. As a result, he became Barcelona’s third youngest player. At the same time, Messi became the youngest player to score for Barcelona.
  • Messi was probably not so happy after establishing himself. Because he mentioned himself as the happiest man on his Facebook wall on November 2, 2012. The reason behind this was that Messi’s first son, Thiago, was born on this day. He described himself as the happiest person on the Facebook wall that day.

5 Amazing Facts:

  • At the age of just 25, Messi’s total number of goals reached 200. This made him the youngest ever player for a Spanish La Liga club.
  • Amazingly, Messi is the only player to score 25 goals in a calendar year while in international competition with his club and country.
  • Our favourite football star has a nickname. And that is ‘The Flea’ which stands for Speed ​​and Agility.
  • The most famous rivals in this world are Ronaldo and Messi. But you will be surprised to hear that Messi’s first senior goal was assisted by his arch-rival Ronaldo.
  • Another quality of Lionel Messi is generosity. When Müller broke Messi’s 40-year-old record, Messi sent him a gift from himself. And among the gifts was a Barcelona number 10 T-shirt signed with respect and admiration.

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