Kevin De Bruyne 10 Interesting Facts you need to know here

Kevin De Bruyne is a Belgian professional footballer. He originally played for Manchester City and rose to fame as a midfielder for the Belgium national team. The football star is widely regarded as one of the best players in the world and of his generation. At the same time, I would say that if there was anyone who was a regular during the Belgian pro league win, it was De Bruyne. Check Kevin De Bruyne 10 Interesting Facts.

But unfortunately, he is little used by the English club Chelsea. But it doesn’t matter, those who have the talent go somewhere else and reach the pinnacle of success. This is no different for De Bruyne. He gradually established himself as one of the best players in the Bundesliga. Apart from all this, there are many facts about his life that may be unknown to you. So let’s make those unknown pages known to you today.

10 Interesting Facts:

Kevin De Bruyne 10 Interesting Facts
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  • A football star is basically what we see as the most exciting thing in his life playing football. But on this side, Kevin De Bruyne has a different deadly hobby. That is he loves to travel around the country and explore the wild world more.
  • A good husband and a good lover are Kevin De Bruyne. The two consummated their relationship with Michel Lacroix in 2017, dating back to 2014. Here I say that before marriage they both had a son.

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  • A book called Keep It’s Simple was published on the biography of this football star. Surprisingly, Kevin has his own name as a participant in the writing of this book.
  • To date, the football star has four Premier League titles, one FA Cup, five FL Cups, and one FA Community Cup.
  • A football star was made the brand ambassador at the start of the 2014 Olympics. And that football star is none other than Kevin De Bruyne himself.
  • This football star’s favorite job is probably destroying champions. Kevin’s brace in 2015 saw the German giants suffer their first defeat in the Bundesliga.
  • He is a celebrity along with being a football star. Not only is he a native speaker, but he is also fluent in Dutch, French, and English.
  • Kevin’s career began as a senior at Genk. And it was here that he scored his first hat-trick against Brugge.
  • Kevin was born in Drongen, Belgium. Since he was born in this city, he was eligible to play for Burundi. Though he determined to designate the Red Devils.
  • This man has the power to turn any match around at any time. So he is called a game changer by the team.

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