Suryakumar Yadav Endorsements List

This boy from Assam had an irresistible attraction towards cricket and badminton since his childhood. Maybe because of that attraction, his childhood needs and love become one. And it is from this combination that today’s Indian cricket player Surya Kumar Yadav was born. I know there are many like me who recognize Surya Kumar Yadav at once. Check Suryakumar Yadav Endorsements List.

However, his parents probably never dreamed that this kid born on 14th September 1990 would one day play Indian cricket. At the same time, Yadav’s interest in cricket and badminton developed from his childhood when he was ten years old. His inclination towards cricket at a very young age was perhaps the turning point in the birth of today’s international cricketer Surya Kumar Yadav.

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Suryakumar Yadav Endorsements List
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Basically, Surya Kumar Yadav’s cricket training started at a very young age. Seeing his keen interest in playing cricket, his father enrolled him in a cricket camp at BRC Colony in Anushakti Nagar. His journey towards cricket can be said to have started from here.

Although he then went to the Elf Vengsarkar Academy. Then he went there and played age-group cricket in Mumbai. After that Surya Kumar Yadav started his studies at Pillai College of Arts Commerce and Science. Currently, Surya Kumar Yadav is an international cricketer who is rocking the field for the Indian cricket team.

At the same time, I say he represents the Mumbai cricket team in domestic cricket. Not only that, he is primarily a right-handed batsman and occasionally plays as a right-arm medium spin bowler. On the other hand, Yadav is considered to be a reliable cricket player in the middle order.

Moreover, he is a batsman who can bowl big when required. Not only that, he is extremely mature in his tactics and reading of the game. As a result, this technique helps him to be more effective when chasing runs. Here I inform you that on 18th July 2021 he made his first international ODI debut for India against Sri Lanka.

Suryakumar Yadav Endorsements List:

The Indian cricket team has many big players who are naturally endorsed by brands. And to be honest almost everyone has an endorsement with some brand. Similarly, Surya Kumar Yadav has endorsements with a few brands.

I am providing below the list of all the brands that Surya Kumar Yadav has endorsed-

  • Dream 11
  • Maxima Watches
  • Rise Worldwide
  • Sareen Sports
  • Pintola Peanut Butter
  • Neeman’s Footwear
  • UrbanGuru
  • Freeheat
  • 100 Master Blaster
  • Gonoise
  • Nutrezy
  • Zebronics

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