Abu Dhabi T10 Winners List of all Season

T Ten League Abu Dhabi T Ten is a ten cricket league in the United Arab Emirates. Here I inform you that it is basically launched and owned by Sports Management. First held in 2017, the tournament is a 10-over-side tournament. Although it is a side tournament, it has become a regular game in the cricket circuit today. Check Abu Dhabi T10 Winners List of all Season.

Not only this, this league is ratified by the Emirates Cricket Board. Simultaneous matches are played in 10 overs and each match lasts approximately 90 minutes. Along with this, the tournament is a double round-robin followed by eliminators and the final round. Incidentally, in 2018, the International Cricket Council officially sanctioned the league.

Abu Dhabi T10 Winners List of all Season

Abu Dhabi T10 Winners List
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The 2017 edition drew around 37 million viewers to the tournament. Amazingly, the 2021 edition reached that number of 342 million viewers. However, behind going this number is a vast television and digital streaming market.

Currently, eight teams are playing in this T20 in Abu Dhabi. From 2017 to 2021, it’s been a long time. The teams that play here are Bengal Tigers, Chennai Bravers, Deccan Gladiator, Delhi Bulls, Morrisville Samp Army, New York Strikers, Northern Warriors, and Team Abu Dhabi.

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Some of these teams are engaged in 2022, some are engaged in 2021, and some are teams who have been playing since the tournament’s inception. In this case, there are some teams who have been playing since the beginning of the tournament but now no longer play those days.

So let’s see which teams are on the winner list from the 2017 to 2021 tournament.

2017Kerala Kings
2018Northern Warriors
2019Maratha Arabians
2021Northern Warriors
2021-22Deccan Gladiators

According to the above list, you can see which team has won the tournament the most. Of course, Northern Warriors became the first team to win the Abu Dhabi T20 League title. Let’s say that in any game there are only wins and losses.

And just because a team is winning continuously doesn’t mean it will win this year too. For example, the Warriors entered the tournament as the reigning champions but were unable to reclaim their two-year winning streak. Anyway, in the future, we hope to give you more list of winners in this way.

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